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A Better Topline

A Better Topline TM

Please don't you think you are stuck with a stiff, high-headed hollow-backed horse! This can be changed and I have the solution. I have just ENHANCED my, A Better Topline Program with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy. And it brings it to the next level!

This program has three main parts:  
Phase One: This is designed to release restrictions in the horse's back, neck and pelvis using both PEMF and TTouch-based body work. These two techniques relax habitual tension and allow for improved range of motion.
Phase Two: Uses postural in-hand exercises from the ground to teach your horse use his new-found mobility to lift through his back and withers, step under himself and bend.
Phase Three: Uses innovative ridden exercises to help the rider, help the horse to strengthen the back and core muscles and improve self-carriage, freedom of movement and impulsion.

This step-by-step program builds the muscles of your horse's Topline making it easier for him to perform the dressage, jumping or whatever kind of skills you desire.

What is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field? PEMF is a non-invasive therapy that has been used on horses for 30 years and is approved by the USDA for use in humans. It reduces inflammation, increases circulation and allows for healing at a cellular level by expelling cellular waste and increasing oxygen flow. It actually acts to recharge the cells. Lower intensities promote relaxation, higher frequencies promote healing. The device I am using is an Activo-med Impulse Line blanket that has many different programs of varying frequencies and intensities with the additional benefit of cyclonic massage. The blanket has a large coverage area including the neck, lower shoulder and stifle area. I have boots too!

I am offering:


A Session and a Lesson: $125

--this includes at least Phase One and Phase Two and possibly Phase Three in a 90 minute session


Just a Session: $45

--this is a PEMF/massage session of 15 to 40 minutes. In most cases, a minimum of two horses or two sessions required.


And, yes, it really works!


Saddle fit evaluation. While I am not a certified saddle fitter, I have spent a great amount of time over the years learning about saddle fit through clinics, presentations and working directly with saddle fitters. In February of 2019, I completed a saddle fitting course with Saddle Fit 4 Life. With this knowledge, I am confident that I can tell you whether or not the fit of your saddle is causing your horse discomfort. 


Please contact me to learn how best this program can be used for your horse. 

A Better Topline

Individual training or ttouch sessions


These sessions are a great way to start learning what Jan does and how she does it. You can bring your horse to Jan or she may be able to come to you. Most individual sessions run 1 1/2 hours and usually consist of an evaluation of your horse’s body to check for pain, sensitivity and imbalance. Then Jan uses a variety of TTouches or ground exercises or work under saddle to show your horse new possibilities for movement and behavior. Then Jan will show you how to do some of the exercises so you can have “homework” to work on.

Price: $125 at your barn (plus travel expense if warranted) or $90 at LightHeart Farm


Monthly training

Ground driving a young horse

The Excellent Horse training is available at Jan Snodgrass' Lightheart Farm in beautiful Marshall, Virginia.


Situated in a quiet, country atmosphere. LightHeart Farm's facilities include 60 acres of rolling hills with several creek crossings, a 100 x 220 sand riding ring with jumps, 6 turn-out fields with solid board fencing, turn-out sheds, two barns with safe, airy stalls, tack room, restroom, wash stall.


Jan offers short and long term training packages, rehabilitation for illness and injury: stall rest, medication, hand-walking and conditioning during the recovery process. 

Training/rehab board begins at $1200. Training board "light": $850  Regular board: $650. Please contact Jan for more info.

Leading a horse over pick-up-stick poles

Private 2-day training clinics

Leading a horse with the head down

Are you frustrated by your horse’s behavior? Are you constantly at odds with a horse who seems to control you? Are you concerned for your safety or that of others around your horse? Do you wish your horse was better balanced, supple and responsive? Do you long for a stronger bond and a more trusting relationship with your horse?


Spend two days in the quiet setting of Jan's Lightheart Farm with just you and your horse as Jan's focus. This training session will increase communication, address fears, develop willingness and generally improve your relationship with your horse and set you on a course to a safer, more trusting and more successful path with your equine friend!


This private one-on-one clinic may include: four one-on-one training sessions with your horse and two practice sessions with Jan's horses, or any other combination of sessions that will help you and your horse. This work will include: TTouch body work, ground exercises and work under saddle in a program completely customized to your interests and whatever you and your horse need. You pick the dates too!

Price: $300

open clinics

Leading a horse between tarps

Jan Snodgrass is available for clinics, demonstrations and lectures to groups small and large. She is a multi-year presenter at The Horse World Expos in Maryland and Pennsylvania and the Equine Extravaganza in Virginia. Jan also teaches clinics at her LightHeart Farm in Marshall, VA. Popular topics include:

A Better Topline, Overcoming your Horse’s Fear, Get Along Better with Your Horse, Reschooling the Thoroughbred, Softening Resistance and more.


Jan carefully customizes her clinics to the needs of the attendees so all participants can come away with solutions for what ever training conundrum they may be experiencing. Please contact Jan for more details.

Riding lessons

Jan offers a unique riding lesson experience by incorporating TTouch body work on your horse during your lesson. Jan’s lessons are based on more than 35 years of dressage and eventing experience in addition to Jan’s 30 years of experience using TTouch.


These lessons are great for riders who feel stuck with a horse who is stiff, resistant or out of balance. Jan has the ability to quickly pinpoint where and why a horse is resistant and show the horse a new way to move and respond to the rider. Your horse will quickly show greater flexibility in his neck, back and pelvis and will show an increased ability to stretch and strengthen his top line. 


Interested in riding bitless? Jan can help you make the transition to bitless riding and advise you on which type of hackamore or bitless bridle would be best for you and your horse. 


Want to ditch the bridle entirely? Jan has extensive experience riding and jumping bridleless and she can teach you how it is done if you already ride well.

Price: $120 at your barn (plus travel expense if warranted) or $75 at LightHeart Farm


Training Board -  starts at $1200
Training Board (light) $850
Stall Board - $650
Rehab Board - contact Jan
Two-day Private Clinic - $300
Riding lesson or Single Training Session (at Jan's farm) - $90 (per hour)
Off-site Single Training Session $125 (first session 90 minutes)
Lectures, Demonstrations, Clinics - contact Jan
Galloping a horse up a hill