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Welcome to Jan Snodgrass’s The Excellent Horse!  If you need help with your horse, you have come to the right place. Jan offers you her lifetime of experience with horses firmly woven with years of training and hard work under noted professionals in the world of eventing and two unique training methods.


Jan’s knowledge is also gleaned from interactions with hundreds of horses with both physical and behavioral difficulties. Jan understands these behavior difficulties primarily come from fear, pain, fear of pain, poor communication, and lack of fun. 

The solutions Jan uses include TTouch bodywork, unique ground and in-hand work and innovative exercises under saddle for common rider frustrations such as: inattentiveness, fearfulness, sore back, unwillingness, lack of balance. 

These horse- and user-friendly methods eliminate fear, pain and establish clear communication. 


Jan counts a number of professionals as her mentors over the years. They include, Gabor Foltenyi (dressage, jumping), Jimmy Wofford (eventing), Denny Emerson (eventing), Linda Tellington-Jones (TTouch), Carolyn Resnick (liberty training) and several others.


Mindfulness for Today’s World


How to stay Calm, Positive and Focused in 2023 and beyond

Lessons learned from a lifetime with horses


Brought to you by Jan Snodgrass


Have you been feeling anxious lately? Many people have. Come learn some of the techniques that a horse trainer uses to calm and ground herself which enables her to work safely with troubled, sometimes dangerous, horses. In these one-hour, unmounted classes you will learn breathing, grounding and positive visualization techniques that can help you with your horse and also enable you to navigate through today’s world with more calmness, less stress and with a positive, focused outlook.

 This unique course is open to all but will be slightly geared to equestrians.


Jan’s background includes: 40 years working with difficult horses using the methods of Linda Tellington-Jones’ TTouch®, competition through the highest level of the sport of Eventing, study and practice of Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi, meditation and mindfulness.


A Four-Week Course: 7 pm February 8, 15, 22 and March 1

at The Rosemary 8393 W Main St, Marshall, VA 20115


Cost: Four 1-hour classes: $80

Please contact Jan here:



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Click HERE for information on Jan's training programs which include:

A Better Topline, Private 2-Day Training Clinics, Individual Training

or TTouch Sessions, Monthly Training, Riding Lessons and Open Clinics.


Horse with lowered head



Jan has provided several articles HERE to give you insight into her training philosophy and to give you training exercises and tools that you can use NOW to help you on your journey with your horse.


Much of Jan's training methods are based in Linda Tellington-Jones' TTouch, a successful program of working with horses that incorporates body work with training. 


Reschooling The OTTB

woman ground driving horse

 This is a series from several years ago detailing Jan's journey with a horse she purchased at an auction. 


"I zipped around the labyrinth of holding pens and was a bit surprised to see a good looking, but quite thin, Thoroughbred gelding.

It was a little hard to get a good look at him because he was in the back of a pen with two other horses. . . . ."  Click HERE to read more!

photo gallery

gray horse with head wrap TTouch



These photos illustrate many of the exercises, techniques and equipment that Jan uses in her work retraining and rehabbing horses. There all also photos from some of her clinics and competition photos of her on her horses. Click HERE