Training Testimonials

training and rehabbing

"I highly recommend Jan to anyone looking for help with their horse. Jan is a true professional and her facility is top-notch. Rarely do I feel secure leaving my horse at a boarding facility when I can't check on her daily, but I always knew that Jan was looking after my baby just like her own. The stalls are huge, the fields lush and uncrowded, and the facility always clean and safe. My horse settled in immediately and seemed more relaxed at Lightheart Farm than anywhere else I've ever seen her. Jan helped my mare to recover from a significant lameness and got her started under saddle again. While with Jan, my mare built a ton of top line muscle and recovered her strength. Jan's patience with setbacks and understanding of the equine psyche never failed to amaze me. Jan's methods are gentle and build trust and respect from the horse, not fear. She also works with a team of vets and farriers who helped resolve lingering medical issues. I have since moved my mare closer to home so that I can begin riding her myself, but I'll be forever grateful to Jan for helping my horse to recover and become a riding horse again." --A. R. Yorktown, VA


"Dear Jan, Thank you very much for providing the best-attended, most successful clinic we've had in years for the local chapter of the American Connemara Pony Society. You really got our members thinking about what attitude they carry into the barn and what they do with their ponies/horses once there. That tap-tap sound you hear is everybody tapping their horses's feet!

Again, my sincere thanks for an outstanding clinic." --M. G. Middleburg, VA



"Jan, I just want to say thank you again for the great clinic. I really enjoyed it. I can tell you are such a pure kind spirit and it’s no surprise that the horses absolutely love and respect you. It’s always a pleasure to meet a true horse person such as yourself. " --D. B. Middleburg, VA 


individual sessions

"To put it simply, Jan allowed me to see my horse in a different way than others and gave me the confidence to continue forward with him. I had been working through dangerous behavioral issues with my OTTB and though I'd gotten some useful advice and training tips from others, it was Jan's totally different approach that was a mental breakthrough for us. It was as if my horse said, "finally, you brought someone who is really going to listen to me and let me relax." It allowed me to see beyond the antics and confirmed my belief that there was indeed a willingness in my horse that I needed to nurture through kind leadership. Jan is also one of those horse people you can instantly connect with and who is genuinely interested and invested in your success. I feel fortunate to have met her and to live close enough to call upon her help when needed." --L. M. Ashburn, VA

individual sessions

"I have worked with Jan on two occasions, first in 2007 with my young TB, and then again in 2013 with my WB yearling filly. In the case of my TB gelding, I contacted her since I had read about TTEAM and TTOUCH, and wanted to address some of the leftover physical assymetries and blocking he had as a result of a coffin bone infection he had as a long yearling--he was stallbound, and stood "non weight bearing", with his toe pointed for many months while he healed, and Jan introduced us both to TOUCH, TTEAM groundwork, the bodywrap, the labyrinth, and other "brain and body balancing and awareness" exercises. At the time, this was all new to me, but I was very impressed with the work--which is humane, logical, and remarkably effective--for ALL horses. It not only strengthened my bond with my horse, but helped center him, improved his proprioception, and helped unlock his body where he had residual tightness from his past injury. 

I have used the techniques on my own and a number of my students' horses in the subsequent years, and then contacted Jan again when I wanted some help with my young, feisty (and distractable) yearling filly, since I am a complete believer in the effectiveness and wisdom of this work. Jan helped and guided me, working with Ella on desensitization, leading skills, TTOUCHes and TTEAM techniques designed to help the horse focus, relax, and listen to the handler; all of which has been "transformative", and exactly the right approach for my smart, sensitive and opinionated filly. Brushing up on my own skills (and learning even more) has been incredibly helpful; when I work on my own, I can hear Jan's voice in my head. I can't say enough good things about the methods Jan uses and teaches, and I look forward to working with her again this year, starting Ella with ground driving and ponying, among other things. Jan is an effective, patient and thorough teacher and trainer--with just the right combination of humor and firmness: the perfect recipe for training both horse and human. TTEAM training (and TTOUCH bodywork) are fantastic resources, they just make sense, and they WORK!" -- L. D. Fairfax, VA