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 "Jan's knowledge and understanding of horses is remarkable. She presents in a relaxed fashion but covers much information.  The setting is beautiful and laid back. " --T.M.



Does your horse have a saggy Topline? Is he or she stiff, hollow backed and lacking engagement? Have you invested in back treatments which yielded limited success? If so, Jan has the clinic for you! 


This clinic is a day-long class that is designed to teach you how to mobilize, build and strengthen your horse's Topline for improved athletic performance and longevity. At this clinic you will learn simple, yet transformational, techniques of bodywork, in-hand movements and ridden exercises that will change your horse's posture and self-carriage. 


Jan uses insights gleaned from 40 years of riding, training and competing plus 30 years of experience using the healing benefits of Tellington TTouch. More about Jan HERE.


This clinic includes lectures, demonstration, hands-on work and ridden exercises (for those bringing horses only.)


You will learn: 

1. Body Work to release restrictions and allow for improved range of motion.

2. Exercises In-hand to teach your horse to lift through his back and withers, step under himself and bend.

3. Ridden Development to strengthen the back and core muscles and improve self-carriage, freedom of movement and impulsion.


This step-by-step program builds the muscles of your horse's topline making it easier for your horse to perform the dressage, jumping or other skills you desire.


And, yes, it really works!


**Please download the flyer below and contact Jan if you are interested in attending the clinic.

Download clinic flyer here!

A Better Topline Clinic
June 25, 2022
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