About TTouch and TTEAM

Linda Tellington-Jones TTEAM and TTouch founder with horse
TTouch founder, Linda Tellington-Jones

TTouch TTEAM (The Tellington-Touch Equine Awareness Method) is a training approach that offers solutions to common and uncommon behavioral and physical difficulties through an increased understanding of their causes. With a deep respect for the spirit and intelligence of the horse as its basis, TTEAM seeks to develop trust, confidence and willingness by addressing and eliminating fear, pain and misunderstanding, the main causes of resistance and undesirable behavior. The goal is to produce a willing partnership with the horse without the use of fear, force or dominance. 

TTEAM was founded in the 1970's by world-renowned instructor and trainer Linda Tellington-Jones. With an extensive background in many riding styles, she and her then husband ran the Pacific Coast Equestrian Center for 10 years. Later, Linda took a 4-year course with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, the creator of "Awareness Through Movement" and "The Feldenkrais Method of Functional Integration." The principles of this unique therapy for humans are what much of TTEAM and TTouch are based upon. Today, TTEAM and TTouch are used by top level trainers, veterinarians and horse owners worldwide to affect permanent changes in equine behavior and movement.

TTEAM work has been used successfully to solve problems with horses such as nervousness, spookiness, bucking, rearing, biting, trailer-loading resistance, laziness, girthiness, tension, inconsistent performance, sore back, stiffness, unevenness of movement and more.

TTEAM work uses leading exercises and ground driving through the "Playground for Higher Learning," a series of unique obstacles, as well as innovative work under saddle called "Riding with Awareness." These training exercises enable the horse to override habitual and undesirable behaviors and to learn new behaviors. The exercises are usually combined with work on the horse's body, referred to as "TTouch".

TTouch includes a variety of specialized touches, many of them circular. Sometimes mistaken for a type of massage, TTouch affects more than just muscles. It stimulates the nervous system to develop new neuropathways, or possibilities for movement. This brings a new awareness to the horse's body.  When TTouch is used in the absence of pain and fear, habitual patterns of movement and behavior are changed. TTouch reduces stress, has a calming effect and can stimulate the body to heal itself. It also improves a horse's ability to learn. 

TTEAM and TTouch can create positive changes in any horse's behavior, personality and way of going regardless of type, age, past history or riding discipline. TTEAM stands as a creative way of training horses safely, kindly and effectively. Horses and their handlers of all experience levels can benefit from using TTEAM and TTouch.

Linda Tellington-Jones' organization, Tellington TTouch® Training, has hundreds of equine and companion animal practitioners around the world. Linda has written 15 books published in 12 languages. She has produced 13 videos on training horses, two on cats and two on dogs and one on llamas. Her latest book for horses is, "Dressage with Mind, Body and Soul." 

TTEAM Philosophy

* To honor the role of animals as our teachers. 

* To bring awareness to the importance of animals in our lives. 

*To encourage harmony, cooperation and trust between humans and animals    amongst humans. 

* To recognize the individual learning process of every human and animal. 

* To respect every animal as an individual. 

* To teach interspecies communication through TTouch. 

* To work with animals using understanding instead of dominance.

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